Molding and Casting dinosaur fossils is one of CKP's great specialty. Over the years, we have done this to thousands of unique fossils. It truly is an art form that we take great pride in. Fossil Replicas (copies of the original fossil), have a variety of uses. In the past, CKP used to sell replicas to the general public. Today, we no longer offer that service, we just could not compete on the open market with our cost of production. We take great pride in our replicas, having Katie Busch, who is a master at painting the replicas to match the original fossil patina, and Chris, who has developed great techniques to mold the original fossil without damage and produce the highest quality replica which can be used for research purposes.
Today, we only mold and cast fossils to be distributed to the landowner and within our group. We also produce replicas for research institutions that request one for study or comparison. We are very proud to continue that service to them and will always continue to do so.
Below, we will outline the process and techniques for making Research Quality Replicas. We utilize the best materials available for this process and techniques that we have developed over the years to ensure the original fossil is not damaged and the replica is suitable for research. --- Coming Soon