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5/29/2021 - CKP is very proud to announce that we have acquired 2 new 3D scanners from Artec! This has been one of our preservation goals for all specimens that enter our facility. It is our goal to archive a 3D library for everything. Page update soon. Below is a slideshow of Shane through LEO's Eye.

More updates coming soon.

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Field Services

We offer a variety of services. This can be a full-service contract which includes prospecting, excavation, and sales. Landowners receive a percentage of the sales. We are limited on time each season, so we encourage landowners to reach out to us right away if they find something.

Fossil Preparation

Located in Fort Peck Montana, our fossil preparation and storage facility utilizes modern equipment to clean and stabilize fossils from the field. Some specimens will undergo intensive preparation, restoration, and mounting for exhibit.

Fossil Sales

Most of our large fossil sales are conducted through a private broker. For our scientifically significant specimens, we strive to reserve first offering for museums or other public facilities. Many of our smaller individual-element specimens are usually sold to the private sector.

Since 1993

Welcome to CKP

We have been working in the dinosaur fossil industry here in Montana for over 25 years. In that time, we have had the privilege to discover, prepare, and display many new specimens all over the world.

It is our mission to find and preserve as many dinosaur fossils as we can. Nature's elements are quick to destroy a fossil once it has been exposed to the surface. Our team spends countless hours each season hiking through the vast badlands in Montana in search of these fossils. We also strive to help landowners realize an additional income from their fossil resources on their property.

We market the fossils we collect to both the public and private sector. We know what an educational facility needs to be able to conduct research on a specimen. We ensure that not only is the fossil collected and preserved properly, but also that all other data from the site is collected for research use.



Hadrosaur skeleton discovered in 2018. Partially articulated with skin. Sub-adult edmontosaur from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana.
Katie next tot the Nate skull partially prepared on the left side.

Since 1993

"Why has not anyone seen that fossils alone gave birth to a theory about the formation of the earth, that without them, no one would have ever dreamed that there were successive epochs in the formation of the globe."

-Georges Cuvier


The First Three Steps of all Dinosaur Paleontology Sectors - Discovery, Collection, and Preservation. Without those first 3 steps, dinosaurs do not exist. By doing those 3 steps legally, ethically, and professionally, it ensures they have the ability to inspire and be studied indefinitely.

"A dinosaur fossil is the fragile preserved remains from an extinct animal. Once exposed and either left uncollected or collected improperly, its insight into the past is lost forever"