Welcome to "Clifford" 2018. Clifford is a sub-adult Edmontosaurus that was discovered in the Hell Creek Formation of N.E. MT in 2018. Click on any thumbnail image to start the slideshow. This dinosaur skeleton is estimated to be around 60-70% complete. It is still in its original field jacket with surrounding matrix and some elements may not have been exposed yet. This page features images of Clifford at different stages of its recovery.

Specimen Information

A partially articulated sub-adult Edmontosaurus from the Hell Creek Formation of N.E. Montana. Discovered in 2018 by Clayton Phipps.


  1. Partially articulated skeleton around 60-70% complete.
  2. Nearly fully articulated tail and both hind legs.
  3. Soft tissue preservation. Skin patches around the tail and possibly leg and hip.
  4. Outstanding fossil preservation.
  5. Specimens size allows for a great in-situ exhibit in limited spaces. Around 18 feet long and 6 feet wide.


This specimen is available for acquisition in its current condition which is pictured above in the lab.