Thank you for reviewing our site. You may have some general questions for us that we will try to answer on this page.

What is included with a large specimen purchase?

For all of our large specimen acquisitions, we always include the following. If you would like to view a specimen before committing to a purchase, we can arrange a private tour.

  1. Copy of the lease agreement with the landowner for the year the specimen was collected. It is only legal in MT to collect and sell fossil specimens from deeded lands.
  2. GPS location of the specimen for site verification. This data is recorded on-site with GPS and photographed with the specimen on location.
  3. All images, videos, and written data collected at the site and in the lab. All rights to this data transfers completely with the specimen.
  4. Access to the site for verification and geologic sampling if requested and while still owned by the contracted landowner.
  5. Assistance in preparing the specimen for transport to your location. We ship to the global community. We have a lot of experience in doing this so there should be no concerns with proper packing and loading at our facility.

Do you offer public fossil dig trips?

No, is the general answer. There are many great companies and museums in MT that offer this service. We will work on adding a section to help in your quest to find one. A great resource in MT is the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Most counties in Montana have a public facility that is on the trail. Check that out online to find a dinosaur experience opportunity wherever you might be in the state.

Is your lab facility open to the public?

No, but there are many great resources in MT for viewing fossil preparation facilities. Our schedule does not allow for us to have open times for visitors to view our operations.