Welcome to the CKP Facility in Montana. CKP has maintained a preparation and housing facility in Montana since 2007. This is where all specimens that are found in the field by our group come. In 2019, our facility underwent major renovations that were long overdue. Now, the fossils that arrive are housed and prepared in a safe, secure, and climate controlled environment that is not only great for them, but comfortable for us. Our facility now meets or exceeds the standards for a fossil repository in Montana. We spared no expense in creating an environment that protects the fossils and those that view or work on them. This renovation was long overdue for our company. Today, we are extremely proud to have such a wonderful space to work in and share our business with others. CKP hosts a variety of academic paleontologists from around the world every year along with school groups and private enthusiasts. Though we are not open to the general public on a daily basis, appointments can be made to tour our facility. (Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are not offering general tours at this time, we will update that decision when the situation changes) Pictures and video tour of the CKP Facility coming soon!