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CK Preparations opened for business in 2007. Owners Chris and Katie, have worked in the fossil industry for over 20 years in both the public and private sector. CKP focuses on the collection, preparation, and casting of vertebrate dinosaur fossils from the Hell Creek Formation of N.E. Montana. CKP accepts contracted preparation and casting projects. CKP also offers fossil consultation and exploration services for N.E. Montana.
About our fossil collection area and the fossils we find                                                                                                                                                             

The CKP Workshop
The CKP workshop and office are located right off Highway 117 between the town of Nashua and Fort Peck.  We are open by appointment only.

What does CKP do?
* Conducts field expeditions to locate and collect vertebrate dinosaur fossils.
* Preparation of vertebrate dinosaur fossils for both the public and private sector.
* Brokers fossil sales from teeth to full skeletons.
* Offers fee-based fossil prospecting services on private land in N.E. Montana.
* Offers large-scale fossil excavation consultation and services.
* Conducts fossil molding and casting (royalty based).

If you are interested in our services please contact us at:

Museum and Research Quality Fossil Reproductions

We strive to produce the highest quality fossil reproductions possible. Our preparation processes help make this possible. We clean each fossil with microblasters to ensure that all of the surface detail is visible. Our replicas are able to be used for scientific studies, they are just as good as having the real fossil when it comes to surface studies and for measurements.

See The
Montana Dueling Dinosaurs
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Featured Project

The Montana Dueling Dinosaurs

In 2006, a pair of dinosaurs were found in the Hell Creek Formation, in Garfield County Montana. The two dinosaurs were preserved together and are nearly 100% complete and articulated. There was a theropod (currently identified as Nanotyrannus), and a herbivore (currently identified as a new ceratopsian). Preliminary evidence points to the two dinosaurs interacting before they were buried. This fossil find is being hailed as possibly the best ever in paleontological history.

New Website
There is a new website for the Montana Dueling Dinosaurs. Check it out!

We ebaY - In our ebay store, you will find a variety of  fossils that we find and prepare for sale. We also sell a lot of our bigger fossils off ebay. We will have a section on our website soon for authenticated fossils and replicas. (Click here to view our ebay store)